MIG200M 4 in 1


General Overview

The Lotos MIG200M is one of the most popular Single-Phase Inverter MOSFET MIG Multi Process Welders. The MIG200M is the new and improved version of MIG200S. It’s include all function which MIG200S have plus TIG200amp DC welder.It’s an all-in-one welding package, including MIG200, DC, TIG200 and MMA stick welder functionality, along with an option for adding a spool gun. Able to weld stainless mild steel, aluminum and most other metals. The MIG200M is the one welder package to meet all your welding needs.  The MIG200M also has gas and gasless functions, giving handymen, tradesmen and light industry users more options to save gas bottle rentals fee.

The MIG mold can take up 1-5kg spools for gas and gasless welding. Output current is 30-200A, and 60% duty cycle. You also have the option of plugging in our spool gun for aluminum welding, which can run 0.6-0.8-0.9m solid wires. The DC200TIG mold has lift arc start, as well as MMA stick welding function.

 Lotos is the US’s most popular welding brand and the MIG200 Series welders are known for being premium quality, professional-level MIG Inverter welders with Lift Arc TIG and stick welder capabilities.


  • Full Australian Standard compliance
  • MIG, TIG, MMA all in one great machine
  • World class MOSFET inverter technology for great weld characteristic
  • Very high duty cycle 60% at 200A
  • Lightweight 22kg, portable design
  • Option for Spool gun
  • Euro/Binzel Torch Connection
  • 15amp Australian plug


  • Gas or gasless 0.6,0.8, 0.9m (flux core)
  • 3 metre torch lead (200A rated)
  •  Excellent ability to weld thin material


  • 3m torch lead (200A rated)
  • Exceptional stability of arc control
  • DC lift TIG Function


Package Includes:


  • MIG Torch
  • TIG torch
  • Stick welding electrode holder
  • Ground cable & clamp
  • Gas hose
  • Cleaning wire brush
  • MIG Accessories: One interior tip for torch
  • User Manual.
  • 1kg 0.8 solid wire spool
  • Gas regulator
  • 12 months warranty
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Additional information

Weight 25.00 kg
Dimensions 49.5 × 26.5 × 45 cm


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